PSRA Chairman Says 3-6-2016

March 6, 2016

Chairman Says

I guess it is time to put some type of a newsletter out. I hope all of you have been checking out the web site. Wade has been working on the web site and has done a great job. You all need to check out the forum page. If any of you have any type of a technical article on your car, sent it via e-mail to Wade. He will put the article on this page. You will never know, something you do to your Packard can help another member out on their project.

The NATS SOUTH is coming up in Knoxville, Tennessee on May 6th through May 8th. As most of you know, the members that attend this event all get together and have a meeting. We always meet on the hill, where the picnic shelters are. This area overlooks the lake. There is plenty of parking on the hill. We would like all members that attend and drive their Packards, to park together on the hill. We are going to try and get Louie Mayall of Streetscene magazine to take a picture of the members Packards, all parked together. If he will do this, they might give our association a little ink. We always have a short meeting or get together at 2:00 P. M. on Friday afternoon, at one of the picnic shelters. I would like to see everyone living close enough to Knoxville, and your Packard is driveable, to make the NATS SOUTH. If your car is not ready, come on anyhow. We can talk about Packards.

We have picked up a new member. He has a great last name. Bob has joined the association and is looking for a Packard. He is looking for a 115C convertlble coupe, but he says you never know what might pop up. I sent him some information on some possible Packards for sale. Bob owns a 1968 Barracuda with a hemi engine, and a 1956 Corvette. He is wanting a Packard to street rod, or one already built. Here is the information on Bob, and you need to add him to your membership list. You can print off the membership list from the web site. Wade has already added Bob to the list.
AUBURN, MI. 48611
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
If any of you ever want something in the newsletter, just e-mail it to me, or snail mail it. Hope to see all of you in Knoxville.
Harold E. Gilreath

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