Stuart Corenblum: 1939 Packard 110 Sedan

Stuart and Gail Corenblum, North Miami, Florida, are the owners of this 1939 four door sedan with the original unmodified body.  The Packard has a Chev. 350 engine, 700R4 transmission, Mustang II front suspension, four wheel power disc brakes, wire wheels and dual air conditioners.  Stuart added power steering, power trunk lift, power door locks and power side view mirrors.  This is Gail’s daily driver and Gail and Stuart have been cross country several times.

Stuart Corenblum PSRA 1939 - CopyStuart has also started on a 1937 115C rumble seat convertible.  The convertible is undergoing a complete body restoration.  Stuart’s plans include a Ford 5.0 engine, Fat Man front suspension, power steering and disc brakes.  The Packard is a complete basket case and Stuart needs pictures or diagrams of the rumble seat compartment.  Any help will be appreciated.

Stuart Corenblum PSRA - Copy

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