PSRA Newsletter Nov.18, 2015


I have been looking through the newsletters completed, and saw the last one sent out was Aug. 10, 2015. I guess some type of a newsletter needs to go out to everyone. I would like to have some input from members to put in the newsletter. You can call me (423-357-0100), or e-mail me something.
As stated, I have not heard from anyone. I called Wade Davis to ask about the web-site, and the problems he has been having with the new program he bought, and his internet provider. Wade advised it took over a month to get the new program loaded. He also stated his provider has been giving him a hard time. Wade advised when a member e-mailed a picture, his internet would shut down. Wade has got some new members vehicles on the web-site now, and is working on others. Lets wish Wade some good luck, and hope everything works out.
The car show we put on in Kingsport, Tennessee on Aug. 15th of this year went well. There were 320 cars registered. Two of our Association members made it to the show. Dave Stanley from Sevierville, Tennessee made it up, but did not have his car with him. Steve Childress from West Virginia made the show in his beautiful 1930 Packard sedan. Steve’s car was picked for the “Chairman’s Choice” award. Twenty-seven choice awards are given out at the show. Several people picking cars came up with Steve’s Packard as their choice. They were all advised his car was already picked, and they had to make another choice. Several of our members live close enough to Kingsport, Tennessee to make this show. I am chairman of this show, and I would really like to see more of you there. We are working on next year’s show at this time. Hope to have another engine to give away as a Grand Door Prize.


Good news for the year of 2016. There will not be any dues payable. We have a little money in the bank to pay for the web-site and postage. There is not a lot of postage, since I am e-mailing the newsletter. Wade Davis and I have talked about this issue. Our goal is to not charge annual dues at all. We would like to sell a couple of ads for the web-site, in order to pay web-site fees and postage. The only time any dues would be paid, is when a new member joins, they would pay only the twenty dollars to join. Let me know what you think about this issue. Wade Davis has already talked to a couple of people for the ads.

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